Our Mission

Chelsea’s Angels Mission

Chelsea’s Angels aim is to help children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and other rare cancers.

Chelsea with her Mum and Dad

Chelsea with her Mum and Dad

We will determine if the cancer is rare, based on the statistics of 100 children per year are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. So if the cancer you child is diagnosed with is along this figure we hope to help.

We would like to help in many ways, help towards a day trip or holiday; a gift or maybe you are thinking of re-desiging your childs bedroom or the garden and need help with that.

We also recognise the financial strains on families where your child has been diagnosed with cancer. We want to help with costs of treatments, maybe homeopathic medicines, equipment needed at home or organic diet. We can also help with general financial difficulties, a gas bill or phone bill that needs paying.

We look to donate around £250 per child for each gift and financial assistance will be dependant on the request. But all of this will depend on each child/families individual case and the decision of Chelsea’s Angels trustees.

Please get in touch if would like us to help your child and your family, or maybe you want to nominate a child for a gift.

Many thanks