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A bit about Siblings Of Angels

Chelsea has an older sister, Shannon and we see how hard it is for her every day, even if she hides it well. So there must be many other siblings of angels out there that need support just as much as the children diagnosed and their siblings. We wanted to help them too, so with the permission of the Charity Commission we are now able to support SIBLINGS OF ANGELS lost to these rare cancers.

Our budget for a gift/treat is £150, however, every situation is different so it will be down to the trustees to make a decision on each request received. Please contact us for a form to make a nomination.


Ashley (left) sadly lost his battle with Neuroblastoma in 2010. He has a younger sister (right), called Amber who adored her older brother. Their mummy wanted to treat Amber to a special day, make her feel like a princess.

We sent some tickets for the family to see Disney On Ice and also paid for a pretty dress to make the day extra special. We hope you had a lovely day. xxx


Samuel (left) lost his battle with Glioblastoma Multiforme in 2010. He has a younger sister (right), called Sammi-Dee and we were in contact with Sammi’s mum as she also runs a charity too like us – Samuel’s Childrens Charity.

We wanted to offer some support to Sammi and she really wanted a JBug Scooter, so this is what we sent to her. We hope you like it, Sammi and your having lots of fun xxx


Oliver (left)lost his battle with Neuroblastoma in 2009. He has 2 younger sisters (right), Amber and Lola.

We arranged a trip to Winter Wonderland for the family and hope they had a fab time xxx


Rebecca Lily Bell lost her battle very suddenly with Pontine Diffuse Glioma, an inoperable brain tumour on 20 January 2012. Her older sibling, Mark has found it very difficult and is a very sad little boy. He has the opportunity to travel to Wembley and see his favourite football team, Liverpool play in the cup final.

Travel from the north to London is very expensive so we have donated funds to help the family travel to see the match. We hope its a great day and that Liverpool win xxxx


Owen Flight lost his battle with DIPG brain cancer a few months ago and his sister has been finding is very hard, her mum wanted to help make her smile again. Daisy loves music so we sent her an Ipod Touch, which we hope will keep her entertained. Sending love, take care x


Ruben Osborne lost his younger brother, Orlando to Neuroblastoma weeks before Christmas. His mum would like to take Ruben to Paris on the Eurostar to see the Eiffel Tower, he loves the film Ratatouille and can’t stop talking about the Eiffel Tower. We hope you have the best time, take care x


Charlie is 9 years old and his brother Jamie died of Neuroblastoma when us was 2 1/2 years old. His mum thought it would be nice for Charlie to have a laptop as his sister has one. He was chuffed to bits to receive his laptop.

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