Donations Out 1

On this page you will see some of the families Chelsea’s Angels have donated to


Alice Pyne, 14 Years old, Hodgkin’s Disease (lymphoma), Cumbria.

Alice we sent a new mobile phone so she could keep in touch with friends and family whilst in hospital

emma and amber

Emma and Amber, we sent new bikes – they are twins and we couldn’t send one without the other.


We sent tickets to Shaylee so she could go to Peppa Pig World and also funds for petrol.


Darcie is 8 months old and has Infantile Fibrosarcoma of the chest cavity wall, a rare malignant tumor in childhood. Her mummy has been a huge support of the charity, thank you so much.

We donated a Silvercross Pink Stroller and a toy to Darcie and hope she has lots of fun playing with Violet and travelling in her new buggy, take care.

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