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On this page you will see some of the families Chelsea’s Angels have donated to


Alfie was diagnosed with Neuromblastoma stage 4 in January 2008, he also was diagnosed in 2005 with Ganglioneuroblastoma. In January of this year, Alfie may have relapsed with Neuroblastoma, with all that he had been through, his mum wanted something to make him smile.

He had asked for an Ipod, which we purchased for him. We hope it’s a distraction whilst in hospital undergoing treatment.


Harvey has Neuroblastoma and his older sister, Olivia, loves taking photos of Harvey and his twin brother, Spencer. Olivia would love an Ipod touch for her birthday which is in October, but that is a long way.

We understand siblings go through so much too when their brother/sister is undergoing treatments. So we sent Olivia the Ipod she wanted, so she can take as many photos as possible and she loves music too, so we hope to see lots of those photo’s Olivia, take care xxx


Amelia is 4 years old and has a Ependymoma brain tumour, also of the spine. She absolutely adores Peppa Pig and she’s been through so much this past year. After brain surgery, she had to re-learn all basic functions, so moving her limbs, walking, talking, eating, swallowing, basically everything. Amelia has worked so hard through out the year regaining nearly all of these functions.

We were able to organise for Amelia to meet Peppa before seeing the theatre show. “Thank you Chelsea’s angels, Amelia loved meeting peppa today and whispered to me on the way out ‘I can’t believe I just met the real peppa pig!’ bless he she was super excited. Xxxx”

Because we were able to get the Peppa Pig meet organised complimentary, we knew Amelia wanted to go and Build a Bear, so we sent vouchers, her picture says it all 🙂



Kasey Kelly was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour called ATRT tumour or the long version Atypical Teratoid/Rhaboid Tumour. Her family have found treatment in Boston that could offer Kasey a cure. Her family have begun fundraising

We have donated funds towards their appeal and wish Kasey and her family all the best xxx


Stuart is 17 years old and was diagnosed with Medulloblastomain July 2011. His parents were raising funds to buy him an adjustable electriv bed in an attempt to ease back/leg pain after his operations. They had already paid a deposit, this in our eyes was classed as equipment make life more comfortable for him, so we funded the balance of the bed.

“Hi Angels, Just to let you know Stuart’s bed delivered yesterday and he slept like a log in it can’t thank you enough true angels Fiona”


Scott is 2 years old and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, he has an older brother and sister, his sister is blind. As all families understand when a child is in and out of hospital for long periods of time, it can often put a strain on finances. We have donated funds to ease some of the strains, allowing them to worry about one less thing.


Ella is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Sadly the family were told there was nothing more that could be done for Ella. They wanted to take Ella on a ‘last’ holiday to Disneyworld, Florida to create some lovely memories.

We donated funds towards the holiday and prayed she would get to Florida. Sadly, Ella passed away before this could be arranged. We send our love and thoughts to Ella’s family, R.I.P little lady, fly high xxxx


Linas is 4 years old and lives quite local to the charity in Milton Keynes. He has Neuroblastoma and it was really important for Linas’s health to be able to rest comfortably when at home. One of his parents always sleeps with him to care for him through the night, so a double bed was more suitable.

We funded a double bed/matress to ensure a peaceful, restful night for all the family.


Natasha Collin is 3 years old and sadly terminally ill with Rhabdomyosarcoma which was diagnosed in March 2011. The family are wanting to enjoy some special days out with Natasha and her older siblings while she is well enough.

We have sent funds so that the family can choose their own days out and book them when is best for Natasha. Sending lots of love xxx


Maryam is 4 years old and has a rare facial tumour, namely a myoepithelial carcinoma . She would love a baby Annabel doll with some clothes to play with.

We have donated a doll, pushchair, lots of accessories and hope Maryam has lots of fun playing ‘mummy’ xxx


Niamh is 8 yrs old and has Astrocytoma Grade 3, less than 30 children a year develop high grade glioma in the UK. Her family are raising funds for Niamh to travel to America for treatment as the UK have no more treatments to offer.

Niamh loves shopping, particularly at Meadowhall. We have donated a gift card so Niamh can have a brilliant day out shopping and treat herself to lots of nice things. Meadowhall have also matched the amount and are sending a gift card too. Hope you have a lovely day xxx


Connor is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the beginning of the year. His family are fundraising for treatment in America as they are fully aware of the UK’s lack of funds/treatment for this disease, so are raising funds now.

They have been using other people’s computers and a phone to date to raise awareness of their appeal. They wanted their own laptop which would help massively for research, emails, creating website etc for their fundraising.


With the help of Andy as WiseIT who donated £50 towards the cost and also offered advice on the best type to buy, we have donated a Dell laptop. We wish you well with your appeal and massive thanks to Andy at WiseIT xx

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